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Fire Door Inspections & Maintenance.

At Spec and Fix, we provide third party certified fire door inspections and maintenance, in accordance with market leader BM Trada.


Welcome to the complete Fire Door Management System.


The system comprises of chip and track technology, mobile App for real-time on-site inspections and an online dashboard for office management.


Each door is tagged with a unique fire data pin, scanned, and the inspection completed.


Reports are sent via secure cloud technology.


The mobile App is Apple and Android compatible


Installation, Inspection, Regulation 10 and many other reports are available.


Sites are defined by floor area and unique door address.


The mobile App features include: customisable question lists, 12 photos per inspection, street level mapping, floor plans, all golden thread information including manufacturer and installation data.


The dashboard provides you with a live overview status, a complete door history, pass or fail results, scheduled maintenance and easy data export making managing your fire door stock a quick and simple task.


Start your journey to compliance today with the complete fire door management system.

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