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iLOQ & Access Control.

Spec & Fix are passionate about this solution. For any commercial premises with critical doors protecting dangerous machinery, this is a must.


An intelligent locking system like iLOQ can be installed in a matter of seconds. Not only will it drive major cost savings vs access control, but it ensures our clients have complete key control at their finger tips. Seeing is believing and we strongly recommend a free of charge demonstration on this solution. 


Hi, my name's Sean Falkinder, and welcome to Spec & Fix Locking Solutions.


At Spec & Fix, we provide the full spectrum of access control installations or ‘wiremonegery’ as it's been coined within the industry.


For many years we were sceptical providing such solutions to the domestic market, given that the products were unrecognised by insurers. However, thanks to our friends at YALE, we now have a tried and tested solution, that is the world's first smart lock that carries the BSI kitemark.


The YALE Conexis is a great solution when upgrading your UPVC or composite door. 9 times out of 10, it's retrofittable to your existing multi-point lock, and when installed correctly, your door can be operated by a fob, tag, card or even your smartphone.


So maybe you're a pet owner, who needs to send the key to a walker occasionally? Or perhaps you're just a parent, who's tired of kids losing keys? This neat little solution will allow you to simply delete a user, so no need to change the locks saving you time and money in the long run.


From a commercial point of view, we provide both hardwired and wireless systems.


Access control is a fantastic solution to businesses who are wanting to manage their key control at ease, enabling them to add and remove users at the click of a button.


Certain access control systems have the ability to offer audit trails so we have a full view of who's been in that building, where, and at what time.


Whilst a great solution, it’s always important to remind our clients that access controls exactly what it says on the tin - controls access. This is not a security solution.


Access control is the perfect solution for doors where there is no huge risk associated, but gets a lot of traffic. If we think a university for example, which gets hundreds of people through a corridor, access control is the perfect solution to specify, as we don't want to be issuing thousands of keys or expecting anybody to lock and unlock such a busy door.


However, taking that same scenario of a university, we wouldn't be fitting access control to a plant room door with thousands of volts sitting behind it.


If a customer would like the benefits of access control, but require security, we would always recommend an electro-mechanical locking system. This is considered the ultimate level in security.


By combining the traditional humble mechanical key, with access control features, we cover all basis from security to convenience. A good electro-mechanical system will offer: audit trails, time schedules, the ability to add and remove lost or stolen keys, and much, much more - all remotely, so we can do that from anywhere in the world.


Unlike mechanical master key system which is bound by patent, an electromechanical key is less likely to be duplicated, even when out of patent. As to create a key, your administrator will require a certificate located on their machine, a desktop programmer, a management key and also a pin code to get into the software. This is a highly encrypted solution, that any commercial partner will see benefits from.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video, hope you found something of use. As always if you'd like to get in touch, my name is Sean Falkinder from Spec & Fix Locking Solutions. Reminding you always, that if it's on a door we've got you covered.

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