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Supply Only.


Hi, my name's Sean Falkinder, and welcome to Spec & Fix Locking Solutions.


At Spec & Fix, we offer a full Supply only service, so if you're a confident installer and don't need our help to fit on this occasion, we'll be more than happy to provide the goods you require at a discounted rate.


We stock a healthy number of products in brands that we major in, however generally speaking we can source anything required to be available for the following day if it's not already sat on our shelves.


if you're looking to hang a door, we have a number of hinges and pivots available. Depending on the door characteristics you are looking to hang, we can assist you in advance of the correct specification of hinges and if they require testing to BSEN 1935.


Or perhaps you need to replace a door control or closer, we stock surface, concealed, Electro-mechanical, transom and floor Springs. We can source a like-for-like replacement on most units however we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to offer a retrofittable product.


These fit the exact same footprint, come with more test evidence, perform more efficiently and don't hurt your pocket so much. If we specify a unit, it will always be tested to BSEN 1154 or BSEN 1155.


We will also ensure that the unit is tested in every installation figure, and every feature on that particular unit has been tested I.E. Backcheck, Delayed Action, Etc.


If you want us to provide something specific that doesn't fit this criteria, of course we will happily source this for you, however we will always make it our business to provide you with correct conformity and legislation information, so you do not put yourself or others at risk.


From a locking supply point of view, the list is endless. We cover British standard mortise locks, TS007 snap secure locks, standard cylinders, full master key suites, Electro-mechanical locking systems, UPVC full mechanisms, gearboxes, window locks and anything else that you can possibly think of.


From our point of view, a domestic properties external doors should always be secured by either BS3621 mortice locks, or TS007 cylinders.


Many fitters will remove a faulty lock and replace like-for-like for ease of installation, however as a locksmith/joiner community I urge us all to please offer an upgrade to British standard or TS007. This will provide a more secure solution that is recognised by insurers and often can be even cheaper.


Having worked for the market leader in British standard lock manufacturing, I know that despite the extra engineering required within the units, the production volume is far outweigh the standard locks, which drives down cost efficiencies.


Once you've ordered the locks, it may be time to start thinking about operating them and trimming the door. We provide all door furniture that can complete the installation for you. So, whether it be lever handles, pull handles, escutcheons, push and kick plates, etc. We've got your back.


Panic and emergency exit devices are where many fitters outside of specification can trip themselves up, we're here to help. As a quick rule of thumb, we've all seen the bar across the forward for the door. This is a panic exit device that complies to BSEN 1125.


Whereas a push pad or handle and lock combination (remember they need to be tested together as a single action escape), is known as emergency exit devices. These comply to BSEN179.


You are allowed to fit units to BSEN179, if the occupants never exceed 60 people and are fully aware of the fire action plan and also trained in how to operate said unit.


If you're building conflicts with any of them rules, fit a panic exit device. We have a saying in the industry which will stand you in good stead – “If in doubt, fit panic”.


Safes are a focal point at Spec & Fix. We have the experience and knowledge to offer advice on selecting the correct safe for your usage, depending on what your contents are likely to be.


We're happy to discuss your requirements on an individual basis and offer advice on exactly which safe is right for you. If Supply only is your preferred method, it's worth remaining now that if you're purchasing for cash and valuables purposes and are going to declare this with your underwriters, this will need fixing down.


Last but not least, we provide a range of Access Control Systems and all of their ancillary attachments such as press to exit buttons, loops, fobs, magnets, batteries, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video, hope you found something of use. As always if you'd like to get in touch, my name is Sean Falkinder from Spec & Fix Locking Solutions. Reminding you always, that if it's on a door we've got you covered.

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