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Van Lock Installation.


Hi, my name's Sean Falkinder, and welcome to Spec & Fix Locking Solutions.


With the uprise in theft of Vans and their contents, every tradesperson should consider the importance of additional locks on their doors.


A recent study conducted by Volkswagen concluded that van theft is up 45% in the last four years.


What does that mean in numbers? well quite simply put, 30,000 vans have been stolen since 2015, and shockingly 10,000 of them were in the last year alone.


Another study provided by the RAC has highlighted that van related crime is increasing across the UK, and in tools alone, businesses have lost just under £62m since 2016. This doesn't even account for the loss of earnings.


Taking these studies into account, there has never been a better time to take the protection of your possessions more seriously.


At Spec & Fix, we offer a reliable, competitive service to help combat these attacks and hopefully together we can drive down these numbers and all continue what we do best, with the tools we need to make a living.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video, hope you found something of use. As always if you'd like to get in touch, my name is Sean Falkinder from Spec & Fix Locking Solutions. Reminding you always, that if it's on a door we've got you covered.

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