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The Spec & Fix Open.

The Spec & Fix Open is the first event we ever sponsored in 2022. Following the incredible feedback, we brought it back in 2023 and had even more pairings. The day consists of plenty of pool, beer and even a DJ.

The day is run by Lincoln's home of pool; Gwynnes Club, who we are extremely grateful for their amazing hospitality.

The standard ranges from pairings who never play, right the way to England B and senior capped veterans. So whether you play just for fun or to challenge for the trophy, this event is now a staple date in most peoples pool diary... We even throw in a bonus £100 for the team that clean up the most breaks!


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Spec and Fix Sponsorship, The Spec and Fix Open Pool

2023 Result

"Yet another fantastic tournament put on today by Spec & Fix Locking Solutions. 


With 52 players registered, that's an incredible turnout for such a fun event; testament to all of the hard work that Sean and the team put into making it happen. 


In scotch doubles, everything goes out of the window.. that's probably how we won! Thanks again to Spec and Fix for the great day and my shiny new trophy!"

Bob Harmston - Owner of Gwynnes Club

Winners: Bob Harmston & Hugo Tomas (£520)

Runners Up: Bobby Fenton & Andy Horsham (£400)

Spec and Fix Bonus: Ady Young & Darren Adams (£100)

2022 Result

"This is one of the most unique tournaments we have hosted, as there truly is something for everybody. 

Everybody is in great spirits, its not taken too seriously, there is good prize money, music is pumping and the beer is flowing. 

Spec & Fix have kindly donated £100 bonus to the break and dish kings (or queens) and the trophies look amazing. 

Thank you for choosing Gwynne's to be part of such a special day".

Bob Harmston - Owner of Gwynnes Club

Winners: Rick Murten & Rob Troop (£480)

Runners Up: Kieron Jarvis & Dan Flatt (£320)

Spec and Fix Bonus: Myles Delouse & Nick Burley (£100)

Spec and Fix Sponsorship, The Spec and Fix Open Pool
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