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24/7 Emergency Locksmith Team. Best Rated in Lincolnshire.

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We will always quote our best price to sort the issue at hand before we arrive. 

  • No call out Charge

  • No Hourly Rate

  • No Hidden Costs

  • No Damage

If we sort in seconds, it's the same price
If we sort in hours, it's the same price 
If we do not sort, you do not pay at all

But, why us?

Spec and Fix are recognised as one of the elite locksmith divisions in the country - servicing Lincoln locally and also undertaking national contracts. 
We specialise in non-destructive gain entry and have a 95%+ success rate in opening locks without any trace of manipulation.  Non-destructive gain entry (NDGE or NDE) is a highly qualified skillset which enables open access without causing damage to the lock or door. 
A common misconception our customers have heard from other locksmiths is that their locks must be 'drilled out' in order to regain access to their property. This will only ever be our last option as we take pride in offering a unique service which avoids damaging your lock unnecessarily. Therefore, if your keys are found, or on the inside of the property, our techniques will ensure you do not need new locks.

Our expertise and methods provide the following benefits to you as one of our valued customers:

  • ​Faster entry back into your property

  • Minimal noise vs drilling (extremely important out of hours)

  • No damage to lock (often no replacement required)

  • No damage to door 

  • All of the above saves time and money 

In the unfortunate circumstance that NDGE is not achievable, we will aim to get you into your property with as minimal damage and cost as possible.

How much does a locksmith cost & where does our emergency team travel to?
" Are you the cheapest locksmith "
No. Locksmiths are not cheap, and if they're cheap, they're probably not locksmiths and pose a serious risk to you, your doors and your locks. Most days we hear of cheap "locksmiths" who damage doors and hike up the price upon "completion" some invoices over £1,500 for tasks which would of been as little as £96 from ourselves. This was highlighted on 'Rip off Britain' and 'Rogue Traders'. By comparison with other professional outfits, we are average when studying as per the MLA's (Master Locksmith Associations) website. 

" Where do you cover and are you near me "

We operate a national locksmith service for commercial contracts. For domestic callouts, we cover Lincolnshire on an emergency basis: Lincoln, North Hykeham, South Hykeham, Birchwood, Hartsholme, Swanpool, West End, City Centre,  Monks Road, Canwick, Uphill, Branston, Waddington, Washinborough, Witham, Witham St. Hughs, Saxilby, Navenby, Bardney, Langworth, Sudbrooke, Skellingthorpe. Brayford, Boutham, Ermine, St. Giles - to name a few. 
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