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My name is Sean Falkinder DipGAI, FDIS

I am the managing director of Spec & Fix Locking Solutions LTD. 

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About us.

Spec and Fix Locking Solutions was established in 2022.

The name was brought together by combing our two areas of expertise; Specification of door hardware on the commercial side of business, and also the Fixing of doors and locks, on our domestic locksmith side of the business. 

We are based in Lincolnshire, however we undertake a handful of multi-national contracts which see us travel all over the United Kingdom for various locking and inspection works. 


Today, our business offers many solutions, but majors in four key areas: 

We believe our offering is fairly unique. There is many locksmiths who can pick their way out of a situation. Likewise, we have worked with many talented specification companies in the UK who can give competent, legislative, Ironmongery schedules. There's also very well trained Fire Door Inspectors providing their services. However, there is not many that can offer everything. 

This is where we are here, to help you.


We pride ourselves on being the best in class. That's why we invest so heavily in training and industry recognised qualifications, to ensure we provide the most up to date, correct advice when addressing your requirements.

Our clients benefit from our breadth of knowledge on all things surrounding a door. When asked why certain customers use our services, they have often mentioned the crossover in support.


For example:


One task of a Fire Door Inspector, will be to check that a door closer is working correctly, it has been tested and that it is free from damage.


A GAI Qualified Architectural Ironmonger will ensure the test is applicable to the way it has been installed, and that it's suitable for said door, by looking through the declaration of performance with a fine tooth comb.


We have the knowledge, certification and experience to do both. 

Do you have a problem with key control? 

Working on a new project and require ironmongery?

Perhaps you a responsible person, looking to meet your fire door obligations?

We can't wait to hear from you. 

Spec & Fix Locking Solutions.

My Story.

Hi, my name is Sean Falkinder, and I am the Managing Director of Spec and Fix Locking Solutions.

At the tender age of 17, I begun an apprenticeship at a local security firm who had great exposures into all things Lock, Door and Ironmongery related. This is where I would learn the basics of my trade for the next 7 years of my career. 

Hungry for progression, at 23 I became the youngest ever Regional Sales Manager for the UK's division of ASSA ABLOY - The worlds biggest lock manufacturer. ASSA ABLOY to this day own over 300 brands, including household names such as YALE, CHUBB, UNION, ASSA, ABLOY, ADAMS RITE, TRIMEC, EUROSPEC - to name only a few.

After multiple promotions over an 8 year period, I moved from Specification into my final position of, National Sales Manager, where I would have great success in providing Electro-mechanical solutions to our distributors and end users. 

In 2022, I decided to combine my Specification of hardware, and also my hands on approach to Fixing doors and locks. Hence the birth of Spec & Fix. For the eagle eyed readers, yes, SF is also my initials - clever right!?

I have a real passion for locksmith work and for those of you that follow our videos, you'll know that I always encourage myself and the team to open locks non-destructively. This means picking and bypassing techniques which I teach in-house (Just like in the movies). Over a 2 year period, we monitored all of our openings and can proudly say that we achieved over 98%. This is fairly unique and something I am particularly proud of. 

If I had a pound for every time I have picked a lock and the customer asked me if I'd like to join forces on a bank heist - I wouldn't need to rob a bank!

During my 16 year stint within the locking world, I have managed to pick up a wealth of qualifications - from NVQ level 5's in management, all the way through to becoming a Diploma Holder in Architectural Ironmongery - this is a globally recognised qualification and teaches correct, legal, specification of door hardware. 

Furthermore, the development has not stopped, and as of April 2024, I have become an approved installer under the BM TRADA repair and maintenance programme - which has seen Spec & Fix Locking Solutions become third party accredited. 

In my spare time (which is hard to come around these days), I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, playing guitar and snooker/pool/darts. I put the pub sports down to having bad knees and not the refreshments that go hand in hand. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope to hear from you soon. 


- Sean Falkinder DipGAI, RegAI, MinstAI, FDIS.

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