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Security Gates & Grilles.


Hi, my name's Sean Falkinder, and welcome to Spec & Fix Locking Solutions.


At Spec & Fix, we offer an unrivalled design, construct and fitting service for security gates and window bars.


Our solutions are bespoke made by our very own in-house welder who has over 45 years’ experience within the engineering industry; latterly as a precision welding inspector for Rolls-Royce turbines.


Along with our UK source security grills, these Solutions can not only provide the perfect deterrent for your premises, but they can also withstand a physical attack.


These can be provided as a ‘supply only’ product or also on an ‘installation basis’ product, and we will also tailor the locking to your exact requirements.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this short video, hope you found something of use. As always if you'd like to get in touch, my name is Sean Falkinder from Spec & Fix Locking Solutions. Reminding you always, that if it's on a door we've got you covered.

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